Use the free Planado app for Android and iOS

Download the free app from Google Play or the App Store, and enter your email and password to log in.

To view jobs in the mobile app, you must first be authorized to access them. You must also be authorized to complete jobs. Permissions can be configured in the web app under Settings → Employees

Recommendations for smartphones and tablets users:

  • Android v4.0+ smartphones are supported. Version 4.4 is recommended to use.
  • We do not recommend using old smartphones and tablets (opertating on Android v4.2 or lower) while working. They could only be used to become acquainted with the Planado services during the free demo period. Meanwhile, you should keep in mind that most old devices have GPS chips that aren’t very efficient and pinpointing their geolocation takes a long time. We have experienced a lot of problems with the old models with a radio module.

Share your location with the office

Simply start using the Planado app, and it will automatically transmit your current location to the dispatcher. Coordinates are automatically sent, even when the app runs in the background.

To conserve smartphone battery power, data is sent only once every 10 minutes.

Get the jobs list

You will no longer need to stop by or call the office to find out what the next job is that needs to be done today. The scheduled route can be accessed via the mobile app. As soon as a new job is added or an existing one is modified, a push notification is sent almost instantly, and the job list updates as soon as you launch the app.

Navigate to the client’s location

Access the map directly through your mobile app. There's no need to enter your client's address manually. Simply tap the icon adjacent to the address to generate a route from your current location to the client’s location. The app offers the most efficient route, taking traffic conditions into consideration.

Keep in touch with the office

Ensure you mark each action as completed in the app. This enables the dispatcher to immediately know your status: whether you are en route to the client's premises, have started working, or have completed the job. This ensures constant communication between you and the office, allowing for more efficient organization of your work.

By pressing the 'En route' button, you send a text message to the client indicating that you are on your way. Alternatively, you can press 'Start' immediately. However, we recommend following all steps to provide the office with complete information about your time management, including travel time to the client and the duration spent on the job.

Communicate with clients directly from the field

Effortlessly contact your client during a job by using the phone number provided in your job details.

Make sure you’ve done everything

The built-in job checklist helps you to remember every action that you need to perform and check that you’ve done everything.

Take photos of the finished job

Taking photographs of the completed jobs allows the worker to make an informative report on the quality of the work and send a photo report immediately to the manager.

Offline mode

Planado mobile app remains operational even when your smartphone loses connection. Fill out your job form, take photos, and all the data will be saved in your smartphone’s memory. And then you get online again, the data will be automatically uploaded to the server (in about 2 minutes) and will be available at the office.

The photos won’t be uploaded with a slow Internet connection (EDGE, GPRS), so you will need a faster connection (3G, LTE, Wi-Fi) in order for them to be uploaded automatically.

Draw signature on touchscreen

Planado mobile app allows you to get client's signature straight on field worker's smartphone touchscreen. It will never be lost again.

Signature then attaching to signed document, like standart clients agreement or contract. Client can sign several documents and read every of them before signing.

All signatures may be transfered through API to CRM or any other storage.

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