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Planado helps businesses manage their field workers more efficiently, enhancing transparency and improving performance quality.
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Who is Planado for?

Planado can be applicable to many different business areas. Here are just some of them:

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See All Industries

What your business can do with Planado

Create tasks and schedule

Streamline communication with your field workers — assign tasks and monitor their completion online without the need for messengers, spreadsheets, or other tools. Every employee can view their assigned tasks and schedules directly through the mobile app.

Mobile app for field workers

Using Planado’s mobile interface, field workers can view all their scheduled tasks and receive notifications about new assignments.

The built-in job checklists ensure that workers won't overlook any tasks on their to-do list.

Upon completing a job, workers can fill out a customizable job report, including photos and various fields. Additionally, clients have the ability to sign documents directly on the smartphone screen

Control the workflow

Enhance performance quality control through customizable checklists and job reports. Workers can easily complete these directly in the mobile app, including text entries, photos, mandatory forms, and various field types. Impressively, all these tasks can be accomplished even without an Internet connection!

Always know where your employees are

Track your workers' trip during working hours, schedule jobs to your workers based on their location right on the map.

GPS location tracking helps calculate mileage and assign the closest worker to an urgent job.

Advanced Workforce Management Software for Enterprises

Seamlessly integrate Planado with your existing IT infrastructure to unlock enhanced capabilities for managing large-scale enterprises

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View Job History

Monitor your workers' performance by viewing the logs of each completed job.

You can access a detailed job report, which includes all changes made: locations and timings of job order reception, start, and completion by the worker.

Easily integrate with third-party software

Gain access to over 3000 ready-made integrations and seamlessly connect Planado with CRM systems, HelpDesk tools, and a variety of other cloud services, all without the need for programming.

You can integrate Planado with any software using our REST API and webhooks. Do it on your own, or reach out for assistance from the Planado Team!

Language support

Is your language missing? It is possible to add any language to Planado. Contact us for details


Trish Bamu
Project and Business Analyst at Utande, Zimbabwe (Internet service provider)
We chose Planado because it met most of our user system requirements. We enjoy the flexibility that the system has and the ease of integrations.
Jim Lombardo
Vice President at Real Home Guard, USA (Residential security)
An outstanding service for managing field service. Especially, let me point out the easy-to-understand dispatcher interface and a user-friendly mobile app.
Dino Hajric
CEO at ICE-NET doo, Bosnia (Air conditioners)
Planado helped us work efficiently by combining all office and field work processes in a single app.
Songsak Tosbowon
General Manager at Dindan, Thailand (Air conditioners)
We have been successfully using Planado for managing field works and automating processes for about 2 years so far.
David Muscat
Owner of Infrared Malta (Leak detection)
Planado helped us stop using tens of Google spreadsheets and paper documents by combining all processes in a single app.
Annabel Bruen
Service Manager at Ziam Aluminium, Singapore (Window installation)
Thanks to Planado, we have managed to build a handy system for communication between the office and field teams, moreover we have increased the number of field trips twice!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How will Planado help my business?

Planado allows businesses to cut down expenses on interacting with employees and streamline communication by replacing various independent tools (chats, spreadsheets, messengers, etc.) with a single and handy interface for managers and a mobile application for field workers.

How to install Planado and what equipment do I need to buy?

Planado is a cloud service. It doesn't require installation, you don't need to hire additional technical staff or provide a server. Office employees (e.g. dispatchers, managers) can access Planado from their desktops or tablets, and field employees will need only a smartphone or tablet with iOS or Android.

How does Planado ensure data security?

We set up your personal copy of Planado at our data center. All data on the server are reliably backed up and encrypted. You manage your employees’ access to Planado. To sign in Planado each employee must enter his or her own login and password. You can restrict employee access at any moment.

How will it benefit my clients?

With Planado, you can improve your service quality by introducing the application that supports unified operational and reporting standards, and having an easy-to-use system for communication with end clients.