Planado Workforce Management for companies with highly automated workflows.

The Planado WFM Special Edition is specifically crafted to manage larger employee numbers, streamline routine processes, and seamlessly integrate with any IT infrastructure, offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability.

Does this problem sound familiar?

Difficulties come up when managing hundreds of employees across multiple branches
Managing thousands of jobs manually becomes impossible.
Local data storage and confidentiality is required
Manual data transfer must be eliminated when integrating WFW into business processes
The platform must integrate seamlessly with the company's existing IT infrastructure

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All over the world, leading companies from different industries use Planado for managing their field workforce.

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“We integrated Planado into our company's IT infrastructure, increasing the efficiency of workers and technicians in the fields by several times.” — Anvar Aliev, CIO at Global Textile Group

How can Planado be integrated into the IT infrastructure of your company?

Implementation by Planado engineers

Request implementation and cut down the workload for your IT team. Twenty engineers and two project managers from Planado are at your disposal.

Integration via Zapier
Use Zapier to create Zaps - no-code automated connections. We will consult you on how to use Zapier to connect Planado to the CRM, ERP, and HelpDesk solutions used in your company.
Integrations developed by your IT team or subcontractor
Use the REST API for an online communication between Planado and your IT system. Planado has a variety of API integration options, See the API documentation
See API documentation
Ready-made integrations out-of-the-box
Enable Planado’s built-in integrations with some CRM and Helpdesk systems

Online integration example for managing jobs

Creating a job
The system automatically creates a new job in Planado through the CRM/ERP/Helpdesk interfaces. All data is structured and typed.
A new job for your worker
A worker receives a new job right on their smartphone with all necessary details: client info, the address, tasks, check lists, and enclosures
A worker fills in a job report
Upon completing a job, a worker fills out the job report, uploads photos and documents, and logs their GPS coordinates during the job and report completion for tracking and verification purposes.
Data upload
The system uploads the job report, which contains all data and files, back to the CRM/ERP/Helpdesk.

Customization of mobile app for field workers

Opportunities for customizing the mobile app for workers are almost endless. Here are just a few examples of features that can be added upon request:

Restriction to start a job

Set mandatory location, time, or distance requirements for a worker to start a job.

Dynamic notifications

When approaching the location of a job or moving away from it, remind your worker to start or finish a job, or do any other important activity.

Hiding client’s data

Hide the client's phone number, address, or any other personal data from a worker until a specific moment (e.g., until 1 hour before the job starts).

Checking the value format

Automatically ensure entered values comply with predefined conditions (e.g., mobile phone number, ID card number, MAC address).


Configurable reports and data export

Build your reports and track your business performance with the help of Planado: apply filters, upload data in Excel format or via API so that you can work with it right in your system

See documentation

Field Workers Management

Planado has features for effective management of any number of field workers.

Configurable permissions
Individual shifts and days off, scheduling works for different territories
Bulk operations
Managing tasks and notifying employees Integration with SSO (Single sign-on technology)
Division into branches/territories
Uploading employees using a file or via API

Unsure if you can manage the setup on your own?

Consider delegating your system configuration and setup to our expert engineers, who have successfully implemented Planado for hundreds of companies worldwide, ensuring unparalleled proficiency. We also offer comprehensive training for your employees to proficiently use Planado, alongside seamless integration of the solution with your existing IT infrastructure.

Implementation and setup

We assist in implementing Planado for your company, including uploading your employees, configuring job templates, and organizing your address directory. We take into account all workflows within your company to ensure a seamless integration.


We provide comprehensive training for your supervisors, field workers, and managers, ensuring they can leverage Planado’s features to their fullest potential.


Consult with us on integrating Planado into your existing IT infrastructure. If you require additional API calls for your integration, contact us with your request, and we will add them at no extra charge.

Technical Support with SLA

Our engineers are on hand to address all your queries and assist with any challenges or bugs you may encounter.

Special features for large businesses

Planado's special features that are not included in the basic version and can be added on request

Automated job scheduling
Product catalog and pick list
Route optimization
Route sheets and logs
Widget displaying time slots for CRM interface (via external API)
Local data storing


Trish Bamu
Project and Business Analyst at Utande, Zimbabwe (Internet service provider)
We chose Planado because it met most of our user system requirements. We enjoy the flexibility that the system has and the ease of integrations.
Jim Lombardo
Vice President at Real Home Guard, USA (Residential security)
An outstanding service for managing field service. Especially, let me point out the easy-to-understand dispatcher interface and a user-friendly mobile app.
Dino Hajric
CEO at ICE-NET doo, Bosnia (Air conditioners)
Planado helped us work efficiently by combining all office and field work processes in a single app.
Songsak Tosbowon
General Manager at Dindan, Thailand (Air conditioners)
We have been successfully using Planado for managing field works and automating processes for about 2 years so far.
David Muscat
Owner of Infrared Malta (Leak detection)
Planado helped us stop using tens of Google spreadsheets and paper documents by combining all processes in a single app.
Annabel Bruen
Service Manager at Ziam Aluminium, Singapore (Window installation)
Thanks to Planado, we have managed to build a handy system for communication between the office and field teams, moreover we have increased the number of field trips twice!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have lots of clients, addresses and other objects. How can they all be added in Planado?

You can load these objects into Planado from a file or add via API. In addition, GPS coordinates (if not given) and addresses get rectified into the standard format. We also support reference values.

How to integrate Planado with a DWH / BI solution?

You can integrate Planado with a BI platform with the help of the overnight replication module.

Can I pay only for the features I need?

We have special plans for enterprise clients. We can offer you custom pricing depending on the number of licenses and list of required features. Contact us to discuss the details.

Does the solution guarantee receiving all API requests?

Definitely yes. In case of connection disruption, all requests get accumulated without any loss, and will be received once the connection is back on.

How does Planado work with addresses that are passed into jobs from external systems?

While adding a new job via API, the system does direct geocoding when GPS coordinates are matched and the address gets transformed into the standard format. Alternatively, coordinates can be passed as is, without any geocoding or address transformation.

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