Handyman service software

Planado streamlines handyman companies' workflow and improves business efficiency. All-in-one solution for scheduling, task management and quality control for business

Are you familiar with these issues?

Empolyees making side jobs or working independently on your clock
Often, technicians manage their tasks independently which might include side projects that distract from your company’s objectives.
Manual task assignment with no scheduling system
The absence of an integrated planning system can lead to inefficient task management and time allocation.
Complaints about quality and incompleteness of the provided services
Customers frequently express dissatisfaction with the services rendered due to poor work quality or incomplete tasks.

Streamline Your Handyman Business Operations with Planado

Streamline the planning process

Planado simplifies task management and allows to control handyman service schedule in a few clicks

  • Staff schedule with statuses
  • Task and work shift scheduler with automation capability
  • Different scenarios and work types (single, multi-stage, recurring)

Mobile app for workers

In the mobile app, your handyman see all scheduled tasks and receive notifications about new assignments.

The built-in job checklists ensure that workers won't overlook any tasks on their to-do list.

When a task is completed, the employee fills out a customizable report with photos and other fields that is automatically saved in the database and transmitted to the office.

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Always know what your employees are doing

Track your employees' trip during working hours, schedule jobs to your workers based on their location right on the map. Task and movement history is recorded and available at any time

GPS location tracking helps calculate mileage and assign the closest worker to an urgent job.

Enhance the level of your services

When worker starts the job, he will receive a checklist with the list of actions so he doesn't forget anything to do.

After completion, he will fill out a customizable report with photo, text and other various field types.

All reports with photos and other fields are saved in a database and can be useful, for example, in case of a warranty visit

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