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About subcription plans

You pay only for the users who enter data into the system, dispatchers and one employee per team. Managers, marketers, installers and other employees, who use application only to view job information, reports or any other data get to use Planado free of charge
Save up to 20% for 12 month
$12 /month per user
Starter version for the dispatcher and two field workers
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Key features
Tasks management
Employee GPS tracking
Employee's mobile app
Checklists & reports
$19 /month per user
For any companies, with notifications and team support, by city and region
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Key features
All Basic features, plus:
Teams & work shifts
Customer notifications
CRM integration
Create jobs in mobile app
$29 /month per user
Best choice
For automated companies, with integrations support, digital signature, calculating the mileage and repeating jobs
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Key features
All Standart features, plus:
Mileage tracking
Documents signing
Recurring jobs
API & Webhooks
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A special plan for companies that require special features, customization, integrations or professional services
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Key features
All Pro, plus:
Mobile app customization
Professional services
Automated job scheduling
Product catalog and pick list
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Scheduling and task managementBasic
$12 / month per user
$19 / month per user
$29 / month per user
Integrated calendar scheduling

Weekly and daily calendar planning.

Scheduling on map

Scheduling jobs using map view.

Flexible real-time rescheduling

Create and change individual employee and crew schedules "on the fly".

Territory management

Use Territories to distribute jobs by city districts.

Team management

Group field workers in teams. Only one seat required for whole team.

Shift scheduling

Configure personal schedule for every worker according to his shifts displayed in common job schedule.

Linked assigments

Created from the original job, linked to it and inheriting data. It allows to create revision-jobs and new jobs with common data.

Recurring assignments

Automate scheduling of regular works with recurring jobs.

Employee tracking and controlBasic
$12 / month per user
$19 / month per user
$29 / month per user
Live GPS tracking

Geotag job-related activities: taking photos, filling fields, performing actions.

Time logging

Calculate work time, with pause option.

Job completion history

You can always find out when and where your employees have started or finished their jobs, or where they have actually been when they headed for the client’s premises.

Photo report

Multiple photo reports up to 10 photo each. For example: before and after the work is done.

User permission management

Set permissions for specific functions individually.

Mileage tracking

Tracking of mileage and travel time.

Employee's mobile appBasic
$12 / month per user
$19 / month per user
$29 / month per user
Job list and schedule

List of all employee tasks in the mobile application.

Real-Time job alerts

Push notifications for assigned and modified tasks, reminders of upcoming jobs.


View assigned jobs on map in mobile App and use apps of choice for navigation.

Guided task checklists

Task list with various customizable fields.

Offline mode

See schedules and checklists, fill out reports even without network access.

QR code scanning

Multi-Purpose QR Scanner.

In-App job creation

Field worker can create jobs in mobile app if permission granted.

Documents signing

Clients can sign documents with on-screen signature.

$12 / month per user
$19 / month per user
$29 / month per user
Job templates

Setting the content of the job task and report. The template allows you to avoid configuring all the fields of the job every time you create a new one.

Tailored service checklists

Task list with various customizable fields .

Skill-based task assignment

Customizable worker skills. Pick worker for job by required skill.

Job resolutions

When finishing a job the employee selects one of the available resolutions. If he or she didn’t manage to successfully complete the job, then the employee will have to choose one of the reasons for not completing the job as expected – the client wasn’t present at the site, there weren’t enough materials, etc. Also, you can make it obligatory for them to leave a comment.

Printable layout templates

Create complex templates for printing finished jobs in the form required for reporting.

Communication and customer experienceBasic
$12 / month per user
$19 / month per user
$29 / month per user
Employee notifications

Push notifications for assigned and modified tasks, reminders of upcoming jobs.

Customer reminders

Configurable SMS-templates for messaging customer about upcoming jobs or services.

Real-time employee tracking for clients

The client can see the employee's movement to him on the map in real time. In this way the client will better understand whether he has time to spare before the scheduled visit.

Customer portal

Send the customer a link to a branded page with any job details, information or feedback collection.

$12 / month per user
$19 / month per user
$29 / month per user
Seamless Helpdesk & CRM integration

Integration with all popular Helpdesk and CRM systems out of the box. Salesforce, Freshdesk, Hubspot, Jira, Google Docs, Zapier.

RESTful API integration

API for integration with any other software ERP, CRM or helpdesk.

Real-time webhooks

Sending webhooks on event. Syncing data via webhooks allows to avoid periodic requests for data changes. Changes will be propagated to outer systems automaticly as they happen in Planado.

Additional featuresBasic
$12 / month per user
$19 / month per user
$29 / month per user
Personalized product support

Personalized technical support for each client.

View-Only user access

You only pay for users who make changes. Managers, marketers, installers, and other employees who use application only to view job information, reports or any other data get to use Planado free of charge.

Multi-language translation

Planado is translated into 11 languages. You can get additional translations in your language by contacting us.

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81% / 100
4,3 / 5,0
4,7 / 5,0

Enterprise plan for large businesses

Especially for companies that require unique features, specific customization, integrations, or professional services.

Automate the management of any number employees at Planado.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I choose the right plan for my business?

We offer plans created to give you the most suitable selection of features depending on the size of your company. See above the table to compare the plans.

Take advantage of the 14-day free trial period to test all Planado’s features and choose the features suitable for your business. Our managers will be glad to consult you on selecting a plan and answer your questions.

Do you have to get a paid license for each employee?

Not at all. You get paid licenses for a scheduler and one crew leader per each field team. Supervisors, marketologists, and other team members who need to view jobs, reports, and any other data use Planado for free.

Which devices do i need to buy?

Planado is a cloud service that requires no installation or specific equipment. Office staff (a scheduler, manager, or supervisor) open the Planado web application on any computer or tablet. Field workers need a tablet or smartphone on Android or iOS connected to the internet (one device per team is enough).

Still not sure? Test Planado out for yourself!

Sign up for your free trial and get full access to all features for 14 days. Get started with Planado right now!