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Planado streamlines electrician companies' workflow and improves business efficiency. All-in-one solution for scheduling, task management and quality control for electricians business

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

Field electricians engaging in side jobs or self-directed work
It's common in the electrical services sector for field technicians to become distracted or even take on private work. This not only disrupts your workflow but also affects team accountability.
Manual task assignment and lack of a scheduling system
Are you still planning your jobs on paper or using basic software not tailored for electrical services? Manual scheduling can lead to inefficiencies, missed appointments, and a tangled communication web.
Customers complaining about poor or incomplete work
Quality control is paramount, yet the more complex a job, the harder it is to keep standards high across all projects. Customer dissatisfaction can arise from work that’s poorly done or incomplete.

Streamline Your Operations Enhance Your Electrician Business with Planado

Efficient Planning Process

Planado simplifies task management and allows to control schedule in a few clicks

  • Staff schedule with statuses
  • Task and work shift scheduler with automation capability
  • Different scenarios and work types (single, multi-stage, recurring)

Mobile Application for Field Technicians

The mobile app keeps electricians informed about scheduled tasks and updates them with new assignments via notifications.

The built-in job checklists ensure that electricians won't overlook any tasks on their to-do list.

After finishing a task, electricians can submit customized reports complete with photos and other data, which are instantly saved and shared with the office.

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Always Keep Track of Your Team’s Activities

Monitor your electricians' locations during work hours, assign tasks dynamically based on their proximity, and access logs of tasks and movements at any time.

GPS location tracking helps calculate mileage and assign the closest worker to an urgent job.

Elevate Your Service Standards

Electricians receive a checklist at the start of each job to prevent any oversight.

Following job completion, they submit a detailed report that includes photos and text, ensuring all relevant data is recorded and stored, which proves invaluable for warranty claims or follow-ups.

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