HVAC service software

Planado offers an integrated solution for scheduling, task management, and quality control, specifically designed for the HVAC industry. All-in-one solution for scheduling, task management and quality control for HVAC business

Are you familiar with these challenges?

Manual Task Scheduling and Lack of Planning Systems
Still depending on manual task assignment? Without a streamlined planning system, this can lead to inefficiencies and errors that hinder your business’s performance.
Risk of Data Loss and Miscommunication Among Staff
Is important information getting lost in translation between team members? Miscommunication can lead to critical data loss, impacting service quality and operational success.
Customer Complaints about Service Quality or Incompleteness
Have your clients expressed dissatisfaction with the quality or thoroughness of the services provided? Such feedback can damage your business’s reputation and customer satisfaction.

Optimize Your HVAC Business Operations with Planado

Streamline the planning process

Planado simplifies task assignment and allows to control HVAC service schedule in a few clicks

  • Staff schedule with statuses
  • Automatic task and shift planner
  • Different scenarios and work types (single, recurring, multi-stage)

Mobile Application for Field Technicians

Technicians receive all scheduled tasks and updates through the mobile app and get notifications about new assignments.

Upon completing a task, the technician submits a detailed, customizable report including photos, which is automatically saved to the database and shared with the office.

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Seamless Communication Between Field Staff and Office

Automate data transmission between field staff and office to prevent data loss in multi-stage tasks.

The installer receives a task with all the necessary data that was previously saved, for example, during measurement at the customer's site. The completed report is transmitted to the office and is available at any time.

Elevate Your Service Quality

Technicians start each job with a comprehensive checklist to ensure all necessary steps are followed.

After completion, he will fill out a customizable report with photo, text and other various field types.

All reports with photos and other fields are saved in a database and can be useful, for example, in case of a warranty visit.

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