Elevate Your Cleaning Business

Unlock the full potential of your cleaning services. Our field service management system is tailored for the cleaning industry, streamlining scheduling, dispatch, and customer management. Boost efficiency, enhance client satisfaction, and grow your business with our intuitive, industry-specific solution.

Are You Familiar With These Issues?

Tardiness and Early Departures Impacting Quality
Do your team members frequently arrive late or leave job sites early, compromising the quality of work? Planado's Field Service Management (FSM) system is tailored to address the unique challenges of the cleaning business. Our platform ensures accountability and enhances time management, ensuring your staff's punctuality and dedication to quality.
Scheduling Challenges and Manual Task Distribution
Are you struggling with scheduling and manually assigning tasks? Planado offers a streamlined solution, simplifying the process of planning and task allocation. Our system is designed to improve operational efficiency, making it easier for you to manage your cleaning services more effectively.
Customer Complaints About Cleaning Quality and Incomplete Work
Have you faced customer dissatisfaction regarding the quality of cleaning and incomplete services? With Planado, you can elevate your service standards. Our FSM system provides detailed task lists and quality checks, ensuring every job meets your high standards and customer expectations.

Optimize Your Cleaning Business Workflow with Planado

Streamline the planning process

Planado makes task management and scheduling straightforward

  • Staff scheduling with real-time status updates
  • Automated assignment and shift planning
  • Versatile job setups for various operations (one-time, repeat, multi-phase)

Mobile app for field workers

Within the mobile app, cleaning staff can view all scheduled jobs and get alerts on new tasks assigned to them.

Once a job is finished, the staff member completes a tailored report, including photographs and additional details, which is then instantly forwarded to the office.

Discover How Planado Elevates Your Business

Explore the full suite of Planado features tailored for cleaning business management, or contact us - our team will be happy to answer all your questions.
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Optimize and Oversee Your Cleaning Team

Boost your operational efficiency and maintain direct oversight of your cleaning staff with enhanced GPS monitoring.

Access detailed logs of tasks and routes at any moment, ensuring transparency and consistent performance across your operations.

Elevate Your Cleaning Services Quality

As your cleaner initiates their task, they will be provided with a comprehensive action list, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Upon completion, they're required to submit a customizable report, enriched with photos, textual insights, and a variety of other field inputs.

Moreover, our system safeguards against starting or concluding tasks outside the predetermined site boundaries or scheduled timeframe.

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